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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!



Mrs Winfarrah to work in Year 1

During the Summer Term, Year 1 are lucky to have an extra member of staff working with us. Mrs Winfarrah is a trainee teacher who is with us for 10 weeks as part of her teacher training course. During this time, she will be working alongside Mrs Trafford in lessons; Mrs Trafford will also be in the class. She will either be leading sessions with Mrs Winfarrah, or working alongside her to support different groups and improve their standards. As many of you are aware, we have large class sizes at Goxhill so this is a great opportunity to increase our child to adult ratio and target children who need extra input.



P.E. lessons will be on Monday mornings. Where possible, these will be outside so please ensure children have full indoor and outdoor kit in school. Please can P.E. kits be left in school all week as timetables and routines can change last minute.


Children are on a quest as 'Knights of Goxhill' to reach the castle and need 4 reads a week to do this! Please can you listen to them read 4 or more times a week to ensure they progress in their reading ability.





Merits in Year 1

In line with other classes, children earn merits in school for learning completed at home and excellent work demonstrated in class! Children are keen to earn their new 100 merit tokens to spend on a fantastic experience at the end of the Spring Term - the more they have the better the activity!

Reading 4 times a week - 4 merits

Reading more than 4 times a week - 5 merits

Homework - 10 merits

IXL - 1 merit for every 10 questions completed (this is checked every Monday for the previous week).


After the February half term, children in Year 1 who do not have access to go on IXL at home will be able to use the iPads in school on a Tuesday lunchtime to boost their merits. Children from Year 6 will also be coming down during a couple of playtimes to listen to children read.


Phonics screening week will take place week commencing Monday 10th June 2019. We are already hard at work in school practising daily phonics and ensuring children are secure in the skills needed through regular practise, monitoring and intervention. Further information on this will be given to parents at Parent's Evening in April. Please support your child by completing any phonics homework and reading 4 or more times a week.


Key dates for this half term:


We will keep you updated with any important Year 1 specific dates on here, for all whole school messages check the home page.

Sponsored Walk - Wednesday 1st May - Children in Year 1 will be taking part in the 3.8 mile walk around the village to raise money for The Firefighter's Mental Health Charity - a very deserving cause. Please ensure sponsorship forms and money are in and don't forget comfortable shoes and coats!



Don't forget to make sure you have TheSchoolApp downloaded to your devices so you don't miss any important messages or photos of the children engaged in their learning.



Science Week 11th March 2019 - Seeds

Parliament Week 12th - 16th November. We decorated biscuits in white, green and purple to represent the colours used by the Suffragettes. It has been 100 years since women got the right to vote!