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Welcome to the School Council Webpage!
The school councillors meet with Miss Gibbs on a regular basis. They discuss important issues relating to school and think of ways to make our happy and caring school an even better place. The school council represents the views of all pupils and gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard. Notes from the meetings are taken back to class to share what has been discussed. 

Who are our Councillors this year?
Reception - Megan B and Adam H
Year 1 - Jacob R and Brooke S
Year 2 - Harry D and Libby B
Year 3 - Joseph N and Ziva E
Year 4 - Oscar W and Tilly B
Year 5 - Sam F and Amelia P
Year 6SF - Oswin K and Almena A
Year 6HT - Jimmy H and Olivia H


Our head boy is Max S and our head girl is Neve S.

Our deputy head girl is Ellie W and our deputy head boy is Jimmy H.

What are our aims for this term?
  • To introduce a worry box and suggestion box and encourage children to use them

  • To ensure everybody understands how the play leader system works

  • To ensure everybody understands how the friendship bench system works

  • To ensure everybody understands how the peer mediator system works

  • To ask if we can have toys for the playground and table tops that could be loaned out


What have we already achieved?
  • We have introduced peer mediators and play leaders

  • A friendship bench has been donated

  • We have reintroduced school discos

  • We have been informing the lunchtime staff how school dinners are received… very positive!

  • We have introduced a craft hut

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