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Initial Key Messages



Year 6 children are all permitted to wear slippers during class time should they wish to. I want the children to feel as comfortable as possible with their learning; making the classroom a home from home may support this.


Teacher/pupil lunch time sessions

I will make myself available each Friday to have lunch with the children as an early sitting as soon as lunch time begins (plenty of time for play left afterwards). We will share any worries or concerns during this session and just enjoy being together as a class and getting to know each other. Children that have a 'school dinner' will still be able to participate in this session and eat in the classroom should they wish to. These sessions are not compulsory.



Homework will be sent out each Friday and will need to be handed in on a Monday to enable it to be marked for the following Friday. The children will receive handwriting every week given that cursive handwriting is a requirement to reach the 'expected standard' in year 6. In addition to this the children will receive either maths or grammar work - this will be alternated each week. Year 6 is revision of all work done previously throughout KS2. It is expected that all homework is completed. If a child struggles, it is okay for them to ask a parent, sibling or other family member for support. Alternatively, for grammar they could access their study zone accounts or for maths, IXL. The internet is also a useful tool in helping children to understand different areas of maths and grammar. The children will need to revise and be supported more some weeks than other weeks.


If a child is stuck with homework, they may also bring it into school on a Monday. If they make me aware that they need help, I will go through it with them and give them it back to complete for the Wednesday.


Once work has been marked and handed back, pupils should look at any relevant comments and up-skill as necessary.



In year 6, pupils earn merits for time spent on IXL (1 merit per 10 questions). They also earn merits for each day they have read. Merits are also issues for responses in class, behavior and completed written work. 


IXL and Studyzone

I am keen for pupils to use these programs as much as possible. They help to develop subject knowledge and confidence and I can track the progress made by each child weekly. Each child has their own account (passwords are at the back of reading records). Each half term, there will be a special award for effort at home to encourage learning beyond the classroom.