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Year 6 SATs

Dear Parents/Carers,


I am really proud of all of the children. They have really tried hard throughout their revision weeks. Over the last few weeks, the children have had lots of group and individual support to prepare them for their tests next week. This will continue (the individual support) throughout next week.


The testing schedule for SATs week is as follows:


Mon - reading

Tues - spelling and grammar

Wed - arithmetic and reasoning paper 2

Thurs - reasoning paper 3


I will share this information with the children this week as it will enable them to focus their attention on one test at a time.


Any help or support that the children need (academic or emotional) will be offered to children. If your child has concerns, please encourage them to talk to one of the year 6 team.


 For SATs week, I would like to offer the children the opportunity to attend school in their own clothes (rather than uniform) as I feel that for some of the children, this may make them feel more comfortable.

For the children who are coming to school for breakfast they can come for 8.30.


As a reward for all of the hard work and effort that the children have put into this year and particularly the last few weeks, I would like to offer the reward of a party at the park on Friday afternoon. There will be food and some team games (weather permitting).


We would be very grateful if each child could bring in one food or drink item each to contribute to a mini buffet. I will be organising and sending out letters regarding this today. If your child has an item written down that you do not wish to contribute, please feel free to substitute it for something that you deem to be more suitable.


Thank you for your continued support,


Miss Twidale

PS please return signed permission slips for our Cleethorpes trip.