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Year 6 Residential

Day Three
Hi Parents. I am really sorry. I have been merrily blogging each night but seems Goxhill's internet hasn't kept up with our efforts. IT problems ! I am sorry it means you are reading the bulk of the blogs on the day that the children are returning home.
My fingers are struggling to type tonight! My eyes need cocktail sticks all of the children are asleep. Week record 10.25! I'll keep it brief. The day at Filey was perfect. The sun shone and we paddled well to the knees and got completely soaked to be honest.
We all soon dried in the sun and warmed up in our spare clothes. We then played a game of rounders, buried Erika and dug for treasure. After a few hours of fun on the sand we rose up the beach and played on the 2p machines! Lots of the children bought rock for their siblings and a number of children said things such as :'Even though my brother can be a pain I am really missing him' I'm sure that will last......mmmm.
We returned to the halls and showered and then met Miss Breslin at Frankie and Benny's.
After leaving the boys who had joined us for the day, we went on to watch 'The Edge of Tomorrow' in 3D. You could hear Mrs Neve's surprise back in Goxhill after hearing an adult ticket was ten pounds forty!!!
I am as tired as the children so its goodbye from me for the last time.
Mrs Kell
See you at four fifteen.
A slightly later breakfast at 7.15 today which as nice. Another good nights sleep with no-one leaving their rooms. The paper trick is working.
I must comment on how well all the children have turned themselves out. You'd be proud. A few boys needed reminders to brush their hair lol.
Day three seems to have been a real peak today. The children have spent the day walking around the park and thrill seeking then checking in every 75 minutes to a central check point. Staff took it in turns in pairs to man the check point and the remaining two were dragged/encouraged on the rides. I have never seen Aimee, Jess, Erika and Hannah S laugh so much when we went on the water ride and the ultimate roller coaster with them, boy did Mrs Neve scream !! I had tears streaming down my face at the sound.
Some of the boys have really come out of their shells. Tommy , Finn, Luke all had beaming smiles all day long. It has been lovely to see.
The weather has been mild which was good enough. We are now on the bus on the way back to the halls. I am just about to go down the bus to take orders for pizza for tonight.
The plan is to give them a bit of time together tonight. The girls tell me that Bo wants a makeover. That doesn't surprise me. Talking of Bo, I have seen him especially kind on a few occasions this trip. The boys seem particularly close, it is lovely to see how close they have become over the years at Goxhill Primary . We also have plans for a alk around the lake and a game of bucket rounders.
All in all a fantastic trip so far and excellent behaviour.
Just noticing that the bus is quieter ... fatigue must be kicking in! 

Day Two

We are on the bus on the way back from London. About two hours of belting out leavers service songs to go. Can I cope? :)
We had an early morning start. Some children said last night 'I don't need to set my alarm I'm always up early at home'-famous last words as this morning we woke lots of them up. Imagine the end of the week!
Breakfast was excellent. The coco pops were the biggest hit and the pain au chocolate.
The drive to Harry Potter was a long one but spirits were high and the children all cheered like crazy when we saw the studios.

Day One

Day one has been superb. All of the children really enjoyed the coal mining museum and Hannah Lee was sung happy birthday 140 metres under ground! Packups were eaten with gusto in the glorious sunshine and party bags livened the bus up on our trip to Magna. Lots of the children ended up soaked from the water element but luckily the sun dried them off quickly whilst they finished the trip on the adventure playground. Meadowhall was a real treat. I was very impressed handing out their five pound notes at their excellent manners and how excited they all were. The little things! Lots of them clubbed together to make their money go further. Boys sharing a mega bucket of KFC. Dinner was finished off with a large slice of chocolate birthday cake and the noise we made singing happy birthday for a second time caused the whole food court to join us.
We arrived at Thwaite Hall at about eight pm and after allocating rooms, unpacking....well you can imagine the scene - girls military, all organised into drawers, boys -well .....unpacked.
Right now I am sat on the steps to the lawns watching them unwind and play. They are climbing trees, doing kartwheels etc. Lovely. One has just asked for a shower. It is 9.30. Yippee. Bed might be in sight.
Mrs Kell xxx