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Writing Competition

World Book Day 2014 is fast approaching and this year it is on March 6th. This year we have decided to hold a writing competition. Each child is invited to write a story of their chosen topic/theme - it may be a sequel to their favourite book, may contain their favourite characters etc. This of course is age appropriate - in Foundation Stage it may be 5 lines, whilst in year 6 it may have 5 chapters! There are a few rules of entry:

1. The writing must be largely the child's own. (Of course, parents may read it and suggest small amendments and in the case of younger children support more heavily)

2. The story must be illustrated.

3. The story can be typed or handwritten.

Children may choose to bind it and/or design a front cover for their story. This is OPTIONAL.

Stories/books will be judged in three categories: Foundation and Year 1, Years 2 - 4 and Years 5-6. There wil be a hamper off literacy and edible goodies as prizes for the winner in each category. There will be a small prize for every child who enters. Entries will be due in by March 4th in order for judging to take place in plenty of time for the assembly. A team of staff will head the judging panel.

Please support this literacy activity and happy writing!