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The Reading Scheme KS1 and KS2

The Reading Scheme KS1 and KS2


The new reading scheme was piloted last September (2016). A letter went out to inform parents about the structure of this scheme and to invite them to a meeting to discuss it.


Just to reinforce some key changes:


  • 'Free reader status' no longer exists - we need to prove that we are tracking children across the whole school, providing a range of varied and challenging reading material for each child


  • The children need to read a range of texts at each level to deepen comprehension skills through exposure to authors and genres that they may not choose for themselves (this is tracked by individual class teachers)


  • When children have read deeply enough at a level, teachers will move them along. Children will come across reading scheme texts and published novels at all stages (even stage 16 wider reading in year 6).


  • Classic fiction is part of every stage.


If children repeatedly choose books written by the same author or from the same genre, please encourage them to try something new.