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Summer Diaries

Dear Parents/Carers,


This year the standard of summer diaries was particularly high. It was very difficult to select winners and it actually made us feel quite uncomfortable. Eventually we asked somebody impartial that did not know the children to select the winners for us.


It is a competition that is very difficult to judge given that children have varying degrees of help and support and also the fact that some children struggle more than others but still produce work of an exceptional standard that has taken a great deal of effort. In addition, children have access to different resources etc. at home so it is almost impossible to compare one to another.


For these reasons, it has been decided that if we do summer diaries in the future that there will be no individual winners. Everybody that enters will be rewarded for the effort and hard work that they have put into their summer diaries through a collaborative, experiential celebration. We were keen for this to happen this year (given the standard of the diaries and the amount of effort that has gone into them). Originally, however, before the diaries were sent home/completed, we had stated that there would be a winner and a runner up from each year group so for this final year we felt that it would only be fair for us to adhere to this.


All children that have participated this year have been awarded a small prize. A certificate acknowledging their effort and achievement will follow.


Thank you to all of those parents that supported their children and encouraged them to get involved. A display has been created just through the doors in the main reception to showcase all of the diaries (feel free to pop in and have a look). We are very proud of the effort and hard work that the children have put into completing them.


Hayley Twidale