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Outdoor Weather Update

Now the weather is getting worse, we have had to make some changes to our outdoor provision so that children can still have great play times even through the winter. 



Firstly, children are allowed on the field all year as long as they have changed their shoes which are worn in school. If they want to bring wellies or old trainers, this would be ideal. Using PE trainers is not ideal as they would then be too muddy to use for any indoor sports activities which may take place during their PE session.  A plastic bag to hold their muddy shoes would also be advisable. Children may bring plimsolls or slippers* to wear inside the school building if they want to do so instead of wearing school shoes. Year 6 already do this and it works well (the children have slippers for indoors and a pair of wellies or old shoes for outdoors which they come to school in. These are swapped over each time they come into the school building). Parents then have the option to not send in formal shoes at all if they would prefer not to. They could simply have two pairs of shoes: one outdoor pair (these are the pair that they will come to school in) and one indoor pair(these are the ones that they will wear in the classroom and around school). This is all optional. If you would like you child to carry on wearing school shoes and not go on the field, that is fine. We are aiming to bring more items onto the playground for children who do not want to go onto the field. 


Wet Break / Rainy Weather

There seems to have been a little confusion over wet break and going outside to play when it is raining. Wet breaks will still be called if the weather is raining hard or extremely cold/icy. If it is light drizzle or spitting slightly, we will still go outside; children should have a suitable rain-proof coat for this. Adults are outside with the children so will judge if the rain is going to soak through or not. During prolonged play, such as at dinner, they would be less likely to stay outside for the whole dinner time even when it is drizzling. We certainly don't want children sat in wet clothes and getting cold. 


* Please note that any plimsolls or slippers will need to have hard/firm soles in case the children need to go outside in them in the event of a fire drill/alarm.


Any queries about play times should be directed to Mr Fox as lead in OPAL playtime development.