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First Aid Updates

We are always looking at ways to improve our systems. Following a recent discussion, we have now added a first aid box on to our afternoon register slip. When the register is being taken, the adult in charge of the class that afternoon will ask if any children have received any first aid treatment during the day. Their initials will be added to the box for reference and a quick discussion of what happened will take place. This will act as a second check to keep an eye on any potential problems of worsening of symptoms. If this happens, parents will be informed if they hadn't been previously. This also helps keep track of injuries if a different staff member is in charge of the class for different sessions. Remember, all bumps to the head will result in a wrist band being applied. Children are encouraged to keep this on and show an adult at home as soon as they can. Bump head letters still go out as usual. If any injury is a concern, parents would be contacted directly.