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Internet Safety

Federation Beliefs


The staff at the Federation believe that children should be taught to use the internet safely, allowing them to experience the benefits that its use can provide.


Whilst at school, the children will be taught the following in class or age-appropriate assemblies:


  •   What to do to stay safe online.
  •   What they should do if they feel unsafe online.
  • At school, your children learn behind the schools’ protective filtering system that restricts what children can access. Most computers your children will use do not have such a rigorous filtering system (i.e. at home). Thus, we need your help to ensure they stay safe online. 


What can I do at home? 


Talk to them about what they are going on when they are online and the potential dangers that those sites may have, remind them what they should do if they see or hear anything that they do not like or makes them feel uncomfortable. 

Keep an eye on what they do online by allowing your child on the internet somewhere where you can see what they are looking at.


Make sure that you have the relevant settings set on the device that they

are using to go online. 






Apps / Programs to be careful of ( these are just a selection of the apps)

All these apps can be very useful, but they need to used carefully with the correct settings.

Ask yourself the following questions:


  1. What personal information is being shared?

  2. Who can see it? How private is the information I’m sharing?