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Celebrating Chinese New Year

Farewell Mrs Kirby, we will miss you!

Children in Need

Alteration to the Slipper Policy


After trialling our new slipper/plimsoll system across the school, we have decided that it causes difficulties in the Early Years Setting. The children experience a wide-range of materials which require solid footwear (school shoes) when inside. They may, of course, still bring wellies to wear outside as usual. We thank you for your continued support. 

Working with Sam

Working with Sam 1
Working with Sam 2
Working with Sam 3
Working with Sam 4
Working with Sam 5
Working with Sam 6
Working with Sam 7
Working with Sam 8
Working with Sam 9
Working with Sam 10
Working with Sam 11

Our Autumn Walk.

Our Autumn Walk. 1
Our Autumn Walk. 2
Our Autumn Walk. 3
Our Autumn Walk. 4
Our Autumn Walk. 5
Our Autumn Walk. 6
Our Autumn Walk. 7
Our Autumn Walk. 8
Our Autumn Walk. 9

We are very proud of our happy Foundation Unit.

Our children learn through a range of exciting and stiumulating activities and most importantly they enjoy their time with us.

If you would like any more information about our setting or would like to talk to us about a place for your child contact the school office on 01469  530743

Raising money for Sports Relief

Our Easter activities

Our Spring walk

Dressing up for World Book Day

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Humber Rescue visited us today

We explored an ambulance!

Look who came to visit!

Look at our self portraits!

Enjoying Autumn!

We have had a great first week back!

raising money for red nose day!

raising money for red nose day! 1

We love the beebots!

Look at our new reading corner!

Exploring the school garden in autumn

We're going on a bear hunt!

Learning and Playing is Fun!

Learning and Playing is Fun!  1 Playing in the sand
Learning and Playing is Fun!  2 Making patterns
Learning and Playing is Fun!  3 Learning sounds
Learning and Playing is Fun!  4 Developing our fine motor skills
Learning and Playing is Fun!  5 Exploring materials
Learning and Playing is Fun!  6 Building
Learning and Playing is Fun!  7 Creating storylines
Learning and Playing is Fun!  8 Manipulating playdough

The Foundation Stage Garden

The Foundation Stage Garden 1
The Foundation Stage Garden 2

The ideas on these planning sheets show some of the future developments we are planning for our Foundation Stage outdoor area.  Part of our fundraising from last year will be going towards facilitating these plans.  We are inviting further ideas and contributions from any parents who may be able to help us with this project.  We are very excited about the future of our outdoor area for our young children who come through the Foundation Stage at our school.

We love our new areas outside!

We now have a gravel pit, sand pit and mud pit outside as well as a role play camping area. We were so happy the sun was shining when we came back to school after the summer break so that we could enjoy playing in our new areas.